Beta TESTER Form

We appreciate your time, experience and opinions. Your answers will help us improve the product. Some questions may have multiple answers, some only one and others you might simply check "don't know" or "does not apply." You can leave any answer blank, and the form will continue to work. Special reward for those who complete the form!

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Did you use more than one unit?
    If yes:          

Did you use the JIMIBOX demo unit as a floor monitor?
   If yes what specific configuration?
various configurations

Did you use the JIMIBOX demo unit as a main speaker?
   If yes, what primary configuration?

If used as a main speaker, was this used with a subwoofer?
   If yes, how did it perform for you?

Did you set up the JIMIBOX yourself?
   If yes, how easy was it to set up?
   If either "somewhat confusing" or "very confusing" please explain what might make it easier:
What would make it easier?


Did you run into any issues when using the JIMIBOX demo unit?
   If yes, please describe: